The Himalayan Public School is an institution that has been created with the help, co-operation and advises of many. It has always been my endeavour to make a difference to my home city, Dehradun.
Education is the core of all reforms. It is very important to set the mind frame of our young generation and their basic foundation should be of quality education.
I feel deep satisfaction and immense pride to see this institution growing day by day with leaps and bounds. All our achievements and progress can be seen on our school website, which overflows with information, news, photos and the spirit of the school which I am certain, will both be useful and inspiring.

This is all by of Grace of God and prodigious support of my family, school staff, friends and well wishers. I assure to continue my services in this field of education with most earnest sincerity and dedication in future too. I have always believed to impart quality education to the children of our society and not merely coming to school, therefore I conclude by quoting the famous lines of Albert Einstein - “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school”.

With Regards,
Dr. Aditya Arya