Bricks and mortar do not an institution make. However, since these houses are the paraphernalia needed to keep body and mind in the right frame, constant improvement in infrastructure is a necessary and an ongoing process. Computers are used to teach computer science courses and as a resource for educational and administrative purposes.

Every building on the campus has been wired and 'smart' classrooms are in place to facilitate modern teaching methodologies. The school has thus embraced the advantages that higher technology has to offer and ensured its smooth blending in with traditional chalk and talk. This makes an emphatic statement about the school's commitment, gearing students to navigate the information superhighway that is changing the world.

Well-equipped Biology, Physics and Chemistry laboratories, a state-of the-art, Computer department and the IT centre are constantly buzzing with activity. Art and music stimulate a totally different part of a student's intellect and imagination.

Students pursue these hobbies with passion and spend much of their free time in the art and music classes. The music class offers training in Vocal, Tabla, Sitar, Sarod, Flute, Drums , Violin, Harmonium and Keyboard Instrument.

OUR STUDENTS : Our students come from diverse backgrounds mainly from lower middle classes especially the migrants of Tehri Hydro Dam Colony (T.H.D.C.) and find comfort in knowing that the 'fairness denominator' applies to each and every one of them, irrespective of caste, creed , religion, nationality, or economic background.

OUR TEACHERS : Our faculty at The Himalayan Public School enlarges the learning experience. Pastoral and counselory roles are merged and the students benefit immensely. Occasional outings with tutors to explore the Doon Valley and midterm expeditions strengthen the bonds between students and teachers.

At The Himalayan Public School, we value our most invaluable resource – our teachers. They, in turn, not only transact the curriculum, but also generate an enthusiasm for learning and questioning, critical disposition.

CURRICULUM : The Himalayan Public School is affiliated to the Council for Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE). English is the medium of instruction. The school prepares students for ICSE (X) and ISC (XII) with Science and Commerce stream.

Art / Commercial Applications / Computer Applications/ Physical Education are the optional subjects for class IX. In Class XI Hindi / Computer Science / Maths are the optional subjects or In Class XI Hindi / Computer Science / Biology & Maths are the optional subjects. The academic year at The Himalayan Public School consists of two terms. First term begin from April to September and Second term from October to March.

LEADERSHIP AND PARTICIPATION : At The Himalayan Public School, the daily administration of affairs, is viewed with a refreshingly different perspective. Outside the classroom, teachers adopt the role of a guide and mentor. Discipline and 'getting the job done' is left to the students. The Prefects and the various Games Captains are given responsibility and a House Captain and a couple of Prefects, while a separate Games Captain is appointed for each sport. Overall responsibility resides with School Captain.

SPORTS AND CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES : Multi-tasking is rapidly being acknowledged as a necessary skill. At The Himalayan Public School, our students learn very early to focus, prioritize and effectively juggle preparations for the upcoming class tests, are trained for matches as well as practice the various musical instruments (Tabla, Harmonium, Sitar, Guitar etc) for the music competition!

MIDTERM : The term has a Summer and Winter break structured into the calendar. The entire school including teachers, trek and camp at various predetermined routes, chalked out in the Garhwal Himalayas. A love for nature, a deep-seated concern for the environment and a yearning for adventure are often the rewards harvested during these bi-annual midterms and remedial classes are arranged for weak students.

SPORTS : “You don't win silver, you lose gold!” These were the words of an Olympian after coming second in the 100m sprint. Games at The Himalayan Public School are played with much fervour and passion. There is an emphasis on regular exercise and physical fitness. Masters supervise all games. Team spirit and the desire to give the best performance possible, are our watchwords. Trained coaches come to the school to coach the students Yoga, Aerobics and other sports activities.

Cricket, hockey are seasonal sports. Badminton, Basketball tournaments are also built into the calendar.

SUPW CLASSES : 'If your hobby becomes your profession, you will always love your work'… goes an old Persian saying.

Philately, numismatics, needlework, cookery, pot painting, photography, english and hindi literary activity, music and dance, nature and science club are the various activities where the students show their talents and soft skills.

COMMUNITY SERVICE : The school periodically plays its role, taking part in community service such as Awareness and Safety Rules to avoid accident, 'Say No' to polythene and save environment, End Polio, Stop terrorism, cleanliness drive, Save Environment, Blanket & Stationery distribution Now by taking out rallies carrying placards.